Jake's Apple design co; born in the imagination of Bunbury local, Ash Griggs.

Yet another prominent example of what Australia’s Southwest talent pool has on offer. But where did Jake's Apple come from? Well, let’s start with the name. Fuelled by only the desire to see his work enjoyed by the public, Mr. Griggs struggled to name his wild card idea of a brand, so his brother took charge.

Chosen at random after receiving a text message reading simply Jake's Apple. Thus “Jake's Apple design co” was born, creating no boundaries as to what this budding new enterprise could be.  Officially established 2015, Ash took full liberty in expanding into every corner of Bunbury possible. Working with other small local businesses, helping them achieve their aesthetic boutique vision and raise the creative and artistic benchmarks Bunbury.

These collaborative efforts have provided and range of unique pieces including stylised coffee cups, uniforms (designed and delivered), skate decks; designed and hand painted and even complete wall murals all from the creative stroke of Jake's Apple design co.

The whole time also releasing exclusive Jake Apple design co apparel; tees, long sleeves, singlets, caps and shorts. Keeping the streets of Bunbury looking fresh.  So whether it be a coffee in the CBD, a walk down the main street or even a drive around town, it's safe to say if your in Bunbury, you’ve been impressed by the work of Jake's Apple design co.